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Understanding Autism

Let's Dive In...

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental condition which affects how a person feels, thinks and interacts with world around them. Every Autistic person experience Autism differently to each other. This is why it is described as being on a 'spectrum'. Autism can present challenges in social communication, understanding emotions and holding attention.

Let's get deeper...

What are some characteristics of Autistic people?

There are many traits people with autism may exhibit. These include; atypical speech patterns, late development of speech, limited eye contact, broken concentration, difficulty understanding emotions in self and others, hyperfocus in certain fields, repetative actions... but the greatest trait of them all is having an incredibly awesome and lovable and sometimes a little quirky personality.

Looking forward

What can we do to give Autistic Children the best life?

Of course the best thing we can do for all children is give them love and support. This can be supported with good education to help the understanding of labels and emotions.

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Understanding Autism
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